Day 24: Clare Valley, Flinders Ranges

Leaving Adelaide, we drove up through rolling yellow hills to Clare where we sampled some wines at the Sevenhill Cellars, a winery that had been established in 1851 by Austrian Jesuits.  Before our tasting, we explored the St. Aloysius church, a Gothic Revival structure built from local stone, including the crypt underneath the church.  Our wine tasting then got underway.  We tried several different varieties … Continue reading Day 24: Clare Valley, Flinders Ranges

Day 16: The Mornington Peninsula

After returning to Melbourne, my hosts, Aydin and Ben, took me on a day trip to the Mornington Peninsula. Formerly, parts of the Mornington Peninsula were owned by the Australian military.  One portion of the peninsula is completely undeveloped and owned by a company.  I imagine it will become highly desirable real estate once the company is ready to sell.  The Mornington Peninsula is also … Continue reading Day 16: The Mornington Peninsula