Auckland’s One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill, known as Maungakiekie (Mountain of the Kieklie Vine) in Maori, is one of the fifty volcanic peaks (not all of them extinct) on which the city of Auckland sits.  Be sure to come here if you’re a fan of the band U2.  They wrote the song “One Tree Hill” (part of The Joshua Tree album) to honor Greg Carroll, a Maori man that … Continue reading Auckland’s One Tree Hill

Rolling on the River in Brisbane

Brisbane was my final stop in month-long adventure in Australia.  It’s the third largest city in Australia and the capital of Queensland.  It’s a sophisticated and lively city, full of culture and adventure activities to satisfy any traveler, even if it may often get overshadowed by Sydney and Melbourne.   American law school friend.  She married an Australian and moved there right after law school.  Aside … Continue reading Rolling on the River in Brisbane

Airlie Beach and the Whitsunday Islands

After touring the desert heart of Central Australia, I flew to Brisbane for a night and then caught another flight the next day to Prosperine for a few days in Airlie Beach and the Whitsunday Islands, a beautiful spot along Australia’s Queensland Coast.  The contrast between the dry red landscape that I had been traveling through during the last week could not have been more … Continue reading Airlie Beach and the Whitsunday Islands

Sunrise Hiking Through Kings Canyon

We arrived in Kings Canyon in the afternoon after a long drive from Uluru.  The day was slightly overcast with some drizzle.  We stayed at the Kings Canyon Resort, which is actually a campground relatively close to the canyon.  Some of us took a ride on quadbikes through the rolling red hills and around scrubby trees blackened by past wildfires.  Up the gradual ridges you … Continue reading Sunrise Hiking Through Kings Canyon


During our couple of days at Uluru, we could often see the incredible rock formations of Kata-Tjuta (also known as The Olgas) off in the distance.  During sunsets, its red domes turned pink and purple.  On our last morning in Uluru-Kata-Tjuta National Park, we got to see this area up close.  First, we watched a spectacular sunrise from a viewing platform.   From the Kata-Tjuta … Continue reading Kata-Tjuta