Day 18: More Melbourne Meanderings

For my next full day in Melbourne, after having an enjoyable cup of coffee with a friend near the Flinders Street Station, I did the self-guided Secret Gardens Walking Tour that I had picked up from the Information Center.  The tour starts out at Federation Square and takes you down St. Kilda Road, by the Queen Victoria Monument and Edward VII statue.  It proceeds along … Continue reading Day 18: More Melbourne Meanderings

Day 17: Melbourne Meanderings

After daytripping from Melbourne, I finally had a whole day to spend some time in the city.  To start, Aydin, Ben, some of their friends to the train into the Central Business District to see Dan Savage speak at the Princess Theatre, a beautiful Victorian building dating back to 1854.  Melbourne was and still is a theatre town and has several beautiful old theatres.  The … Continue reading Day 17: Melbourne Meanderings

Day 16: The Mornington Peninsula

After returning to Melbourne, my hosts, Aydin and Ben, took me on a day trip to the Mornington Peninsula. Formerly, parts of the Mornington Peninsula were owned by the Australian military.  One portion of the peninsula is completely undeveloped and owned by a company.  I imagine it will become highly desirable real estate once the company is ready to sell.  The Mornington Peninsula is also … Continue reading Day 16: The Mornington Peninsula

Day 13: From Sydney to Melbourne

With the remaining half day I had in Sydney, I stopped by the Art Gallery of New South Wales.  I really have had no exposure to Australian artists, but the museum provided quite an education.  The subject of most of the earlier paintings was the wild landscapes of Australia, but you can also find work from throughout Australian history.   The works range from Aboriginal … Continue reading Day 13: From Sydney to Melbourne