Day 11: Running in Rushcutters Bay and Bondi to Coogee Cliffwalk

On a Monday morning, I decided to go for a run through a scenic part of Sydney, even if the weather was a little bit cloudy.  I ran through Kings Cross up to Rushcutters Bay, admiring the park, the boats on the water and the expensive real estate ringing the bay.


I continued my run up through Yarranabbe Park, which was equally scenic and through some residential streets lined with grand houses until I reached McKell Park, an enchanting, romantic place.  The park boasts scenic views of Sydney Harbour and a ferry picks up and drops off passengers at a nearby pier.  The beautifully manicured grounds provide an excellent place to rest, relax and enjoy the views.


The grounds of McKell Park had once been the site of large residences dating back to the mid-19th century.  In 1904, a wealthy theater operator built a gothic mansion on the site and called it Canonsbury.  The Australian Jockey Club purchased the mansion and it later became a hospital.  Ultimately, the mansion succumbed to the wrecking ball and only the Canonsbury Cottage remains intact.  However, the foundation and stonework in the park are part of the original mansion.  The spot is very popular for weddings, but apparently the residents of the area are upset about the congestion caused by these events.  I imagine the residents want to keep McKell Park a secret from tourists as well, but it is definitely a hidden gem worth checking out.  After taking in the beauty of the park, I ran back to the Horizon Tower to get ready for a day of sightseeing out in the Eastern Suburbs.


I boarded a bus on Oxford Street and took it all the way out to Bondi Beach.  It was a Monday and still not really hot enough for beach weather, so I had most of the beach to myself.  At other times, I hear it’s difficult to find a patch of sand on the whole of the beach as it is crowded with beachgoers.  Even without the crowds, Bondi’s stunning stretch of sand confirmed for me why this is one of the most famous beaches in the world.  After dipping my toes in the cold ocean, I decided not to go much further.  Pretty much only wetsuited surfers were out there braving the fierce blue waves.


After spending some time relaxing on the beach, I decided to do the Bondi to Coogee Cliffwalk.  This was an excellent time to do it because there was an outdoor art exhibition going on along the walk from Bondi to Tamarama called Sculpture by the Sea.


One of the coolest sculptures on the trail was a glass globe that reflected the wild waves pounding Tamarama Beach over the next cliff.

While Sculpture by the Sea ended at Tamarama, the stunning cliff walk continued past Bronte Beach, the Waverley Cemetery, Clovelly Beach and ending at Coogee Beach.  The whole walk took me almost three hours because I stopped quite a bit to take photographs.  Each step along the walk offered magnificent imagery of sky, surf and sand.






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